June 14, 2008

All Over the Place

Each day while training, I think about potential titles for the day's posting, usually in reaction to whatever has been most prominent. However, my thoughts today were all over the place and I was unable to pinpoint just one observation. So today, I'm posting in sections.

Weekend Warriors

Since yesterday turned out to be a total bust training-wise due to a late birthday night, I decided to make up for it with a morning swim, my first visit to the pool on the weekend. There was no one on the street and the building was virtually empty so I was feeling excited that it might be nice and quiet at the pool. Alas, that was not the case. Apparently there are tons of people who enjoy a nice Saturday swim. The pool was packed, but luckily there was one lane with just one swimmer so I hopped in.

Every time I swim, I do better than the last time. I'm still not breathing properly, but everything else is coming along so nicely that I've let it go for now. I noticed today that I don't need breaks as much, but I've gotten into the habit of stopping after each lap, like it's a reward for doing well. I need to break this habit, particularly when I don't need the rest. I swam 25 laps today (50 lengths), which is the furthest I've gone yet. I wanted to get to 54 lengths because it equals .75 miles, but just as I finished my last lap, the swim time was up. Next time.

Before I move on to running, I need to make a note about my previous swimming entries. I've been referring to lengths as laps. I'm an idiot. A lap is actually two lengths, a round trip from your starting point. So from now on, when I refer to a lap I'll be doing it correctly.

The Color Purple

When I got back from the pool, it was already getting pretty toasty outside. My lazy side kicked in and I really didn't feel like going running. But after remembering my lazy day yesterday and all the birthday beers I drank, I finally motivated myself to go. It was 82 degrees and I run along the Hudson where there isn't a speck of shade, so I slathered on the SPF 55 and was on my way.

I used to be a runner. I vaguely recall finishing a marathon not so long ago, even despite record-high heat. I remember going from a 9.5 minute mile to 8.5 or less in just a month after that marathon. I remember thinking a 12-mile run was short. But lately, I don't feel like a runner. I have struggled to get it back after my plantar fasciitis break and I admit I'm not putting in enough miles due to the other parts of my training. Today's run was a little frustrating. I felt fatigued from the very first step and it did not improve. And just for fun, I had a horrible side stitch for the entire first mile. Always a treat. In an effort to avoid being Debbie Downer, I'm going to first point out the positives, then have a look at the negatives.

1. I actually did it, versus staying on the couch like I really wanted to.
2. My plantar fasciitis seems to be a thing of the past for now. In fact, I didn't experience pain anywhere during the run.
3. It's finished.

1. My legs felt like lead the entire time. Every step was deliberate and labored.
2. Side stitches - why am I suddenly getting these? It's such a pain. Literally.
3. I had to take a couple breaks to find the motivation to continue. Sad.
4. During the last 1.5 miles or so, even my arms and back were fatigued.

Maybe I didn't eat enough this morning or maybe I used it all up on the swim. I just don't know. But it was a pretty awful run, one I could not wait to finish. Plus I'm just not used to summer running yet. I was so hot the entire time that no amount of water over the head seemed to help. When I got home, I noticed my face was literally purple! Tons of cold water and about two hours later, it faded to a nice shade of pink. I'm surprised no one called an ambulance for me.

Running is tough and I know it takes time to get back into so I'm going to step it up this week and hopefully see some improvements. My NYC Marathon training schedule begins Monday, June 30. I was hoping to have done really solid base training this year, but I got sidetracked by the tri. While I haven't been putting in the mileage, I know the tri training will pay dividends later through overall better fitness.

My Sincere Apologies to the Pedicure Lady

I'm a fairly girly girl. I take my $80 shampoo to the pool, I have a bathroom closet that looks like an aisle at Sephora, I try to be waxed, tweezed and pedicured, particularly in the summer months. However, due to work and training, I've let things slip a bit lately. Everyone knows that runners have ugly feet. The only thing uglier would be a triathlete's feet. I went for a very long overdue pedicure today and felt as though I should have been charged more for the service. It looked like Edward Scissorhands did my last pedicure and I can't even admit how long ago that was. So for at least a week, before the pool, friction from my bike shoes and the unforgiving torture that running inflicts, I'll be able to wear sandals and peep-toe's with pride.

Sport - Swimming
Distance - 1,143 meters (50 lengths; .71 miles)
Time - 45:00

Sport - Running
Distance - 4.65 miles
Time - 40:58

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  1. I get the titles for my blogs while I am out running as well, they just come to me. Keep up the great work, I enjoy reading your posts.



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