June 11, 2008

Taking a Closer Look

I looked back through my blog archives today and counted the number of times I've been swimming. I had two, one-hour lessons and have since been to the pool just 11 times. This realization was significant to me because it shifted my thinking from how much I suck to how far I've come in such a short period of time. In fact, until last Tuesday, I was barely swimming 18-20 laps and now I'm doing double that in less time.

Today was a good day at the pool. I loosened my goggles a bit so we've had a temporary reconciliation. I still had the rings, but much less severe. I did a few warm up laps to get comfortable, but had only 30 minutes today so my goal was to cover the same distance with very little stopping. I have finally started doing two consecutive laps each time with no rest, a huge improvement for me. Maybe tomorrow it will be three.

When I got off the elevator in the building where I swim, I noticed the faint smell of chlorine in the air, even though the pool is a good distance from where I enter. I had a flashback to childhood. Of staying in hotels with pools and of feeling so excited when I smelled the chlorine and knew I'd soon be playing in the water. It's funny how a pool is so magical as a child. It's no wonder children can learn to swim so naturally, so easily. I loved to play in the pool as a kid, but I waited almost 33 years to tackle the swimming part. On one hand, I regret I didn't learn sooner, but on the other, I'm grateful for this experience as an adult. I guess everything is as it should be.

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. I'm not working and my only obligation is to make it to the pool early enough to enjoy it. I'd also like to go for a mid-day ride, always a treat on a weekday. I'll then be gathering with friends at my usual bar for a very informal celebration. I'm not big on birthdays, it's just another year gone by after all. But this year feels different. It's a year where I decided to be a different person, to try new things. For once, I didn't over think it - I just did it. And the rewards have made it all so worthwhile. Now that's worth celebrating.

Sport - Swimming
Distance - .5 miles
Time - 30:00

Strength Training - 30:00

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  1. OMG! I looove your blog. So inspirational to find other adults that didn't grow up athletic but have overcome & grown into it. Keep up with the swimming- good luck with these next 5 weeks of training! See you at the finish line:):)



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