July 25, 2008

Final NYC Tri Photos (I Promise)

The time has finally come. I have finished uploading the photos from the NYC Triathlon into an online album for sharing. I was lucky to have a lot to choose from so it took quite some time. The photos can be viewed here, or by clicking on the slide show in the sidebar.


I was up late last night so I was beat this morning and decided to sleep in. I had planned to run, but my legs weren't feeling it so I decided to ride instead. I still have a lot of miles to cover for the Tour de France Challenge so it was great to be on the bike. It was a beautiful day for it, not as hot as the past few days. It was a bit sad to ride past the transition area from the tri and see it empty. There was a big chunk of railing missing along the river and I realized it must have been where we entered the water. It was strange to see it all back to normal, as if the race never happened.

I stayed along the river to be sure the ride was flat. I wanted to go easy on my legs in preparation for Sunday's race. I have pretty much accepted that the race will be a challenge in the least. My running has been good, but I haven't been training for distance. I'm going to try to have a good time, but I'm not expecting to run a good time.

As I finished the ride, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. The Hudson River Park south of Houston is finally open! I slammed on the brakes, got off my bike and walked over to check it out. It was filled with people relaxing and enjoying it as if it were always there. This has been under some level of construction since I moved to this neighborhood 10 years ago. Seeing it finished made me very excited about going for a run there. It was beautiful and looks to have been worth the wait.

I wrapped up the day early and headed off to my local bar. It was nice to be there in regular clothes instead of spandex. I'm not sure anyone really understands me anymore, they probably think I've gone insane, but it's still great to be able to go there and know there will be at least a few friends at any given time.

I'm planning an open water swim tomorrow and then will be resting up for Sunday. I hope my legs are ready.

Distance - 25 miles
Time - 1:25:49

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