August 16, 2008


Jockstrappers are the friends and family that support us during our races. They help us carry our gear to transition, drive us to events, carry our favorite snacks, take pictures and cheer us on. I'm used to having one, but not used to being one. So today I changed roles from athlete to jockstrapper since my injury kept me from doing the race I was registered for.

Picking up where my post left off yesterday, Barb and I had a bright and early wake-up call at 4 a.m. I went to bed around 11:15, but ended up being awake most of the night. My pain pills had me feeling out of sorts and I just tossed and turned. It was frustrating to lay there and know how little sleep I was getting, particularly knowing how much sleep I need right now. It was just like all other pre-race sleepless nights, only I wasn't racing! I drifted in and out until the alarm went off and got right up and ready to go the fastest I have yet with my injuries. I dressed, changed a few bandages, put on a hat, guzzled a cup of coffee and quickly ate some cereal. Roberto arrived around 4:30 and we were out the door.

It started to get really foggy just as we left Manhattan. It was still really dark when we arrived at the race site and the fog showed no signs of lifting. You could hear the waves crashing on the shore, but it was too dark to see anything. Rumors began about the swim being canceled, not because the water was rough, but because the fog made it impossible to see. They delayed the start so we stood around killing time until a decision was made to go on with the race. Then it was delayed again due to the fog on the bike course. Finally, the bike was canceled and the race began.

The breakers were huge and looked like a lot of fun to swim through. Once past them, the water looked incredible. It was nice and smooth and the course was a simple out, turn and back. Not surprisingly, I felt a great deal of sadness watching the swimmers take off. I'm ok with letting go of the races, but I just learned how to swim for the first time in my life and now it's been taken away. I know it's only temporary. I know I'll be able to get it back, it's just going to take some getting used to.

Here are a couple pictures from the morning. First, Roberto and I waiting for the swim start. Note that I've been able to downsize the bandaging on my face to just one small Band Aid!

And here is Barb before the swim. She's an incredible swimmer so I knew she was going to have a great race.

I was back in Manhattan by 10:30 and back in bed by 11:30. I slept soundly until 1:30 and couldn't believe (A) How early it still was; and (B) How much I had already done for the day. My energy level is tremendously better but it was still a very tiring day. I was resting some more when I received a very happy call from Cadence - they had located the Cervelo in my size and it was on it's way to New York with my name on it. I motivated myself for one more trip out so I could pay for it in full and know it was officially mine. They should have it in the store by Wednesday and I can go have a look since I can't take it home just yet. What great motivation to rest, heal and recover so I can come back even stronger and enjoy a fall and winter training season on my brand new bike. I Suddenly felt remarkably better.

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