August 18, 2008

Scene of the Crime

A victim of a crime sometimes finds it necessary to confront their attacker in order to achieve closure. This is the position I found myself in yesterday. Ok, so I wasn't exactly the victim of a crime and I didn't exactly have an attacker, but I am harboring some ill feelings about the road kill that was my demise. I remembered it being huge and very unusual looking, but was this a figment of my imagination? Did I embellish it to justify my poor bike handling skills?

I got the reassurance I needed when my husband returned to the scene of the crime on Sunday and found my furry friend still taking up the entire shoulder of the road.

Wouldn't you have looked twice? Now imagine you're cruising along at 20 mph and you ride right over the top of that thing. If you're still doubting, here is a closer look.

Even after seeing a photo, I still don't know what the heck it is. It looks like some sort of prehistoric or mythical creature. But the photo made one thing very clear. I know why I glanced back. I guess riding over it freaked me out more than I'd like to admit. I really am a girl.

I woke up feeling my best so far today, which was a surprise because I didn't sleep all that great last night. The road rash is starting to itch and I can't touch it so it's akin to torture at times. I hope it's a sign that it's healing because some of it still looks as bloody as day 1. The best news of the day is that my jaw is almost back to normal. I was able to bite down for the first time and the pain and clicking have minimized tremendously. I think it will be back to normal in a few days and I can resume eating solid foods again.

I had planned another crack at the elliptical, but was too busy during the day and then too tired tonight. I think the rest is still very much needed and I don't want to overdo it so I'm taking it one day at a time. My bike is on the trainer and ready to go so if my body feels ready, I'll get my first bike session in tomorrow. At least I won't have to watch out for the road kill.

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