August 4, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

Today was a much needed rest day after the fun, but long weekend. I woke up an hour and 15 minutes before my alarm for who knows what reason and felt sleepy the entire day. I think the 8 hours in the car plus the short night's sleep before the race really wiped me out so I was happy to have a day off. I had a nice lunch with a friend that included a long walk across town and back in absolutely beautiful weather, took some time to get the photos and video together from the weekend and wrote my race report on Beginner Triathlete.

To go along with my posts from the past couple days are some photos from the weekend:

Roberto and I "carb loading" pre-race at a local dive bar Saturday afternoon

Saturday dinner location, all food was ordered at a take-out window and seating was at picnic tables along the water

Race morning, getting transition set up and ready

At the finish and happy to have had a great race

Bike hand injury - it looked far worse before the run

Post-race lunch, it doesn't get better than this

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