September 1, 2008

Lazy Holiday

I woke up early with the intention of walking along the lake and doing a workout before the day got started. However, I got sidetracked by breakfast, which ended up being a large group affair and much better than what I was planning on my own, but led to me sitting around in my PJs until almost 11. I finally got dressed and went out for the walk. Since it was later in the morning, I only spotted 3 swimmers nearing the end of their swim. Since the bike shop was open, I stopped in for another browsing session. It reminded me that there are still a lot of things I'm going to have to buy over the next few months before I travel to my first race in April.

We continued on and walked some more. I keep forgetting to take my Garmin along to see how much ground we're covering. Even though I haven't done much training-wise since I've gotten here, I've made sure to at least walk as much as possible to counteract some of the gluttony.

I've had Ironman on my mind almost constantly since arriving. The more I see the signs around town and the number of athletes growing each day, the more excited I get. I've definitely caught Ironman fever. Even though I've been here for the past two years a week before the race, I was never as aware of it as I am now so it's different. I decided to add another volunteer shift so I can extend my experience a bit further. I'll be doing athlete registration on Friday morning. It will be great to help them check in and begin their race weekends on a good note.

My shoulder felt really good today, by far the best it has yet. I think after 2-3 more days of elliptical I'll be ready for some real running. The cooler weather will have arrived by then and the energy of Ironman will be at an all-time high. I couldn't ask for better conditions.

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