October 22, 2008

Perfect Fit

Right after my bike crash, about 9 weeks ago, I bought a Cervelo P2C knowing I wouldn't be able to ride it for quite some time. I never even got to see it. But today, I finally got to have it fitted.

You may recall my struggle with the color choice. I bought the Ultegra build, which has a silver and black frame. I've always preferred this look, but then had too much time on my hands to obsess over it and began to wonder if the white and red color scheme on the Dura Ace build would be better. I had the opportunity to make a frame chance without upgrading to Dura Ace but ultimately decided to keep the one I bought. I'm so glad I did. The moment I saw it I knew I had made the right choice. It just seems more suited to me. Here is a shot of it during the fitting. It still needs gears, brakes and bar tape, but it already looks incredible to me.

The fitting was pretty cool. It wasn't all computerized and high tech the way I've heard some fittings are. Instead their lead coach and fitter spent 2.5 hours learning about my background and goals, assessing my strength, flexibility and symmetry and doing a serious of measurements both on and off the bike. I was on the bike over an hour and already love it. It felt like it was made for me.

I didn't get to bring it home yet, but it will be ready in a day or two. I've waited 9 weeks, I guess I can wait a few more days.

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