October 29, 2008

Stormy Weather

Wednesdays are one of my days off so I was planning to run when it got a little warmer outside. However, the forecast wasn't looking so promising so I decided to head out before physical therapy to make the most of my day. I knew it was cold and windy so I wore tights and my new Sugoi jacket I splurged on at the Ironman expo. Boy am I glad I did.

I stepped outside and realized it was raining. Fun. I immediately took off so I could keep warm while the Garmin slowly located a satellite signal. I got over to the Hudson River path and the wind hit me hard. It's days like today I question the sanity of running along a body of water in cold weather conditions.

I ran north for a mile and the wind was pretty strong, but I felt really good. I was keeping the pace relaxed and felt I was in that elusive happy place you sometimes find when running. I was so focused on the fall leaves on the ground and how good I felt that I barely noticed the rain. I turned around and headed south for two miles and the wind was much more tolerable. This seemed like the perfect run. The sun was even coming out a bit.

And then it hailed. Seriously, WTF? If you haven't run in hail for awhile, let me tell you - it hurts. My skin was already freezing so the little ice pellets hitting it felt like needles. It came down pretty hard at one point and all I could do was laugh. The sun went away and the hail subsided for a bit. I turned to head north for the final mile and the nasty headwind was back.

And then the freezing rain started. It was a sprinkle at first, then it poured. At this point, the other few runners crazy enough to be out there were also laughing. It continued until I made it home. I have never been more happy to get inside where it's warm.

I really love running. You never know what the day will bring. Some days you feel great and others you can barely move your legs. Sometimes the weather is beautiful, and other times it's anything but beautiful. At least it's never boring.

Distance - 4.12 miles
Time - 36:15

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