December 25, 2008

NYC Marathon Photos - Better Late Than Never

Seven weeks after doing my first sub-4 hour marathon, I'm finally posting the photos. The original blog about the day is here, in case you're dying for the blow by blow report to go with the photos.

Waiting for the 7am Staten Island Ferry. Nothing but runners:

Final view of Manhattan from the ferry:

Athlete's village on Staten Island, where 40,000 runners had to kill hours and hours before the race start:

One way to keep warm:

Larry the Lighthouse, this guy is insane:

Keeping warm with heat sheets. It was 38 degrees at the start:

View of the Verrazano Bridge from my start area:

Killing time with an official start photo:

And we're off - the famous Verrazano Bridge start:

4th Avenue in Brooklyn, mostly uphill. Ouch:

Must be somewhere in Brooklyn since I'm still smiling:

First glimpse of Manhattan from the 59th Street Bridge, my slowest mile in the race:

Somewhere along the 26.2, not sure where:

Gary, ruining my fun shot:

Somewhere in Central Park, the final three miles. I'm not smiling anymore:

Official finish time - 3:58:14. I was the happiest girl in the world:

Finisher photo:

Happy to be done and warming up:

And now for the most important thing - recovery:

1 comment:

  1. Well done on your first sub 4. I'm back after my injury woo's and ran a 4:05:30! The next marathon is tougher so I have my heart set on Weskus in March which is where I'll crack the elusive sub 4 :-)



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