January 17, 2009

Back on the Wagon

After spending 14 hours a day unpacking and cleaning, I finally had to take a break and do something different. I also needed a wireless router which required a trip to the Apple store so it was a great time to fit in a swim as well. I originally hoped to run and swim, but didn't get into the city until about 6pm so I opted to swim only.

I got to the pool deck around 7pm thinking I'd have the place to myself. I mean who wants to swim on a Saturday night? Apparently everyone does. The pool was packed. There were two people per lane so I picked the lane that looked closest to my speed and joined. The moment I got in, at least three more people came down to the pool so some ended up actually having to wait. Ridiculous. But I thankfully had the best lane-mates I've ever had. The girl was a bit slow, but the guy was almost exactly my pace so it worked very well. The only challenge was when the girl decided to do a few laps with the kickboard, forcing us to pass her.

Considering my lack of swimming lately and general lack of fitness, this was a really good swim. It's definitely more work for me, my heart pounds and I get breathless, but at least I can still do it and my pace hasn't suffered. I just don't get to that happy place where I feel I can swim forever. I think it will take some time to earn that back.

After 2,000 yards I toyed with the idea of doing another 1,000, but it was already almost 8pm on a Saturday night and I still had to get back to Brooklyn so I called it a day. It's a good thing I did. It took 50 minutes to get home tonight due to subway service changes. I could have walked to a station to save time and transfers, but it was brutal cold and I wanted to stay where it was relatively warm. I had planned to cook my first dinner tonight, but by the time I got off the train at 9:30 I was frustrated and tired so I picked up some wine and ordered another nice takeout meal. It's a good thing there are phenomenal restaurants in my neighborhood or I would have starved to death by now.

Distance - 2,000 yards
Time - 39:56

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