January 6, 2009


Triathletes like to believe there are very few physical limits. After I crashed my bike and broke my shoulder, I went to the gym most every day and worked out on the elliptical, rode my bike on the trainer sitting upright (couldn't lean on the handlebars) and learned to swim with one arm. I did all of this wearing a sling. I refused to accept that I had limits and couldn't train.

I set my alarm to get up and swim and instead hit snooze for an hour. After yesterday's run and marathon painting session I was beyond beat. I decided to get to Brooklyn earlier so I'd have a shot at getting home at a normal hour. I figured I could swim tonight.

But alas, I have limits. After painting for 7 straight hours and being on my feet all day except for the 15 minutes I sat on the floor and ate my sushi lunch, I'm beyond beat again. I barely have the energy to write this post. I decided to go home, make dinner and do some seated packing instead. If there's time, I'm planning a long soak in the tub.

This clearly violates my commitment to doing some form of tri training every day, but there's only so much I can push my body to do. Maybe that's not such a bad lesson to learn as I ease into what will be the most physically challenging year of my life.

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