January 30, 2009

Perfect Day

Today was literally the perfect day. I woke up mid-morning - not too early, not too late - had a nice breakfast and headed into the city to swim. The swim was short but a really good effort for me. I hit my fastest average per 100. I had a quick hot shower and then went to the spa for an 80 minute massage. This massage was very long overdue. I have been needing it since my accident, but my shoulder wasn't ready for the pressure so I held off. After my move, I felt it was time.

The therapist was perfect. He applied enough pressure to make it feel worthwhile, but some of it still managed to feel relatively relaxing. Afterward, I lounged on the couch by the pool sipping water and began to feel more relaxed than I have in months. It was hard to find the energy to eventually get up and shower. I spent about 10 minutes in the steam room and moved at a ridiculously slow pace getting ready. After a glass of wine I was pretty much comatose.

I haven't been training a whole lot, but I needed the mental break. I'm going to carry that through the entire weekend because soon enough, a break will be much harder to take.

Distance - 1,050 yards
Time - 20:04

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