January 16, 2009


I've been quiet here and haven't been doing any training due to my move. There are many times in life where other things have to take priority and this is one of them.

Thankfully, my move went very smoothly. It was 4 hours total door-to-door and the only slight hitch was one of the movers getting sick and leaving the evidence on the curb outside my old apartment. Where's the Purell when you need it? Otherwise, the movers were polite, professional, on time, fast and didn't break anything. You can't ask for more.

I've been settling in but it's going slowly. It's almost as though I don't know where to start. I plan to spend the entire weekend just digging in and hoping to find some sort of order. And if I'm in need of a break and feel up to it, I may do a little training as well.

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