February 12, 2009

The Aftermath

After resting my legs and sleeping in compression socks with compression tights over them, I woke up feeling pretty good. Well, my legs anyway. I was still really tired. I had started to feel fatigued after the run and it worsened as the night went on. But my legs felt ok given the beating they had taken.

My coach had me cut the planned strength training today. He also said to shorten my swim if I wasn't feeling up to it. I rested throughout the morning and decided to swim in the afternoon. I planned to do the full workout, but was prepared to scale back if I was too tired. While I felt heavy and sloppy in the water, it otherwise went surprisingly well. I was barely able to maintain the pace I was aiming for, but I completed the full workout, a total of 2,600 yards. It was a fun workout. I did a short warm up followed by 200, 300, 200 with 20-second rest intervals. I did this three times and then cooled down.

I lounged in the steam room afterward as a reward. While I was still sleepy, the swim made me feel better. I have a bike test on the schedule tomorrow and my coach said not to do it unless my legs (and me) are feeling better so I will continue to rest and hope for the best.

Distance - 2,600 yards
Time - 51:15

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