February 5, 2009

Amateur Hour

I finally found the motivation to swim and arrived at the pool around 11. The pool is always fairly crowded midday but today was ridiculous. And the number of swimmers was the least of my worries. It seemed to be amateur hour. The pool was full of people who:
  1. Didn't notice or care about the little signs noting "slow, medium, fast'
  2. Didn't know how to properly enter a lane and make their presence known
  3. Had no idea how to swim properly in a circular configuration
  4. Were so sloppy they hit and kick people UNDER the lane divider
  5. Didn't know how to be generally civil and considerate to their fellow swimmer
Despite the frustrations, I was determined to stick to my workout. I wanted to do at least 2,000 and if there was time or I was feeling it, I was going to go for more. But when I started on my third big set, I finally got tired of the idiots in the pool and decided to call it quits. I still got in a nice workout so it was ok.

Prior to amateur hour I did a free one-on-one pilates session at my gym as part of my new membership. My instructor was a no show so I got to work with the studio director. She felt it was too rushed so she booked me another complimentary session tomorrow. Sweet! I really enjoyed it despite my general hatred of core work. There were some moves where I could feel three or more muscle groups working and since it's based on breathing and rhythm, the time flew by. I'm looking forward to giving it another try tomorrow.

Distance - 2,200 yards
Time - 43:05

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