February 6, 2009

The Birds

I was up early today for my second pilates session and in true Kristin form, was running late. I am a brisk walker all the time, but even more brisk when I'm late. I was making good time until I ran into a slight roadblock. This woman was strolling ever so leisurely and apparently unable to walk in a straight line. To make matters worse, she positioned herself right in the middle of the sidewalk and had a very large purse. I tried to be patient and wait for my chance to pass, but she kept weaving back and forth and made it impossible. So I politely said "excuse me" and practically had to scale a mountain of garbage bags to get by. As I passed I heard her huff and say "well" loud enough for me to hear. Clearly she disapproved. And at that moment, a pigeon, or some other type of nasty NYC bird, pooped on me. It just dropped out of the sky and hit my coat as though it were some sort of karmic punishment for feeling the need to pass the slow-moving lady. But then I remembered it's actually good luck to be pooped on by a bird so I just smiled and kept going.

The pilates session was even better than yesterday. My abs were a bit sore from the first session, but not intense enough to interfere with today's workout. I liked the instructor as well. If I'm able to continue this I'll be sure to work with her. Afterward I did a quick treadmill 5K to remind my legs that I'm a runner (sometimes). It was boring, but felt good.

I had the kick-off call with my coach this afternoon to decipher my training plan. Once it was explained to me, it all seemed much simpler and I am excited to get started. It's really great to know I have someone to guide me on this journey and hopefully get me to the start line injury free and happy. Ok, maybe happy is a stretch.

Distance - 3.1 miles
Time - 26:28

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