February 2, 2009

Don't Call it a Comeback. Not Yet.

Starting today I vowed to stop being unmotivated and lazy. I'll try to be as structured as possible, but my only hope is to do something every day. I need to stop making excuses and end this rut I've been in. So for today, the plan was to do some running and meet with a personal trainer at the gym. I was offered a free session and figured, "why not?"

I ran to the gym, about .80 miles, then did the one hour session with my trainer Ted. Ted is a triathlete so it was nice to get to work with someone who understood what my goals were. We did three sets of workouts alternating muscle groups in each. We mostly focused on my trouble areas - my shoulder and hips. It felt hard, but I didn't think it was too crazy until we went to do the core work and I was shaking uncontrollably. I was happy to finish and do another short run home.

After digging deep for the motivation, I headed out for my first run over the Brooklyn Bridge. I needed to pick up my road bike from the shop in Manhattan so I decided to turn an errand into a workout. It's about 1.3 miles to the bridge from my place, a little less than a mile over and then another mile and change to the bike shop. I ended up running just under 3.5 miles total. It was crowded in spots, but I never get tired of seeing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. It's quite a sight.

I was sufficiently tired from my first day back and a little fearful of how I'll feel tomorrow, but you have to start somewhere.

Distance - 5.17 miles
Time - 43:24

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