February 16, 2009

Flip Flop

After a lovely rest day yesterday my schedule called for swimming and strength training today. I also needed to pick my bike up from the tri shop in the afternoon so I planned to swim later in the day. This forced procrastination ended up not going well for me. At first it seemed kind of nice. I got some painting and cleaning done, both things I've needed to do and haven’t prioritized lately. But as the day went on I got less and less motivated to get to the gym for my swim. And sure enough, I finally realized I’d never have time to do the distance called for in my plan and still make it to the tri shop before they closed. Great. I had screwed up another day. So I checked the schedule for Tuesday, which called for run and bike workouts, and decided I’d go get the bike and flip that workout with the swim.

Even with this clever change of scheduling, I almost skipped the bike workout. Folks, it turns out I’m still incredibly lazy. I finally forced myself to do it and once started, it went by quickly and I enjoyed it. It consisted of some drills and intervals so it wasn’t just another pedalfest on the trainer. The time was done before I knew it. Thankfully at least one of my weekly bike workouts will be like this so it should keep things interesting.

Distance – 9.33 miles
Time – 42:00

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