February 17, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

Today was all about speed, which is a departure from my usual training approach. Since I didn’t make yesterday’s swim, I had to do it today along with a running speed workout. I never do speed work. That might be why I’ve had to struggle so much to get faster. I started with the run, which consisted of 10 1-minute anaerobic intervals with 1-minute rest intervals of walking or light jogging. I did this on the treadmill at a 2% incline. My coach has set my anaerobic pace at 7:14-8:00/mile so I set the treadmill at a 7:19 pace. This workout was a lot of fun. With the warm up and cool down it only took 27 minutes yet felt like a really good effort.

I changed and immediately got in the pool for another speed workout, the first I’ve ever done in the water. It called for 6x100 yards with a 30-second rest interval to complete one set with 4 sets total. The 100 was supposed to be anaerobic pace, which for me is 1:35-1:45/100 yards. I managed to pull off a 1:41 on my 500 time trial but sensed it may be difficult to achieve that again, at least right away. I swam as hard as I could while still paying attention to efficiency and form and managed to come close at 1:46-1:49 per each 100. However, by the last set I was dragging. My heart was pounding during this entire workout, which I suppose was the point. It felt good. Pushing myself in the water is something I haven’t yet tried so it’s all new territory for me.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this swim workout is that for the first time ever, I got to swim in the fast lane. I was actually the fastest person in the pool. Of course it was 4 in the afternoon so the other fast people were at work, but still. I was proud. I was in the medium lane with two others who were slower than I and actually had to switch with a slower guy in the fast lane. It was a little victory I'll carry with me for awhile.

Distance – 2.75 miles
Time – 27:00

Distance – 2,500 yards
Time – 45:18

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