February 7, 2009

Thawing Out

Finally. The forecast called for temperatures in the 40s and I was giddy. I planned a long run, my first since the half marathon, to coincide with this balmy weather. I also planned to meet a friend at the gym that morning for a workout followed by a big diner breakfast and it turned out it would still be chilly in the early hours. My plan was to hit the gym, do some warm-up, stretching and foam rolling, have the big breakfast, digest and then run mid-day when the temperatures were up. This seemed foolproof until I ran into my neighbor on my way out the door, which meant I made it in time only for the big breakfast. But no harm done, I was up and out and ready for a good day.

It was sunny and 40ish around 1pm so I headed out. I did my first run over to Prospect Park, then one loop and back. This was about 6.5 miles so I did another couple miles around my neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised by how good I felt considering my total lack of running recently. My legs felt strong, I was keeping a decent pace and I actually enjoyed it. If only all long runs could be like this.

I worked up an appetite that justified sampling some of the Italian specialties in my new neighborhood. Homemade lobster ravioli with vodka sauce was on the menu. I won't have to struggle to keep up my carb intake during Ironman training for sure.

Distance - 8.65 miles
Time - 1:14:59

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