February 10, 2009

Time Trial

Day 2 called for some more testing along with a bike workout. Normally I'd do the bike first and then run, even if they aren't back-to-back, but I wanted my legs to be ready for the run test so I decided to do that first. The test called for a warm up followed by a 3 mile run as fast as I possible (and safely) could. I did my warm up by running to the subway, doing some stretching and joint mobilization while I waited for the train, then another short run from the subway to the Hudson River path. I chose to run there because it's straight and relatively flat, which was what the test called for.

Once again, I was nervous. I have no idea why. My goal was to run around an 8-minute pace and maintain it the entire 3 miles. But I haven't been running a whole lot lately and I certainly haven't been running fast so I was just going to give it my best. I hit start and took off. I was running pretty fast and could feel it was a harder effort than I'm used to. I wasn't sure I could keep it up but I figured it was worth a try. I hit mile 1 in 7:29 and was thrilled. It was much faster than I was aiming for. I started to drag a bit after 1.5 miles and hit mile 2 in 7:41. Not bad. I really felt like I was dragging on mile 3 but had a split of 7:38. My total time was 22:49, the fastest I've ever completed 3 miles. I was pretty happy.

It was hard to find the motivation to bike after that, but I hopped on the trainer for an hour. It was an interval workout alternating every 5 minutes between 100rpm's and 70rpm's. The 100 intervals nearly killed me since my bike fitness is lagging to say the least, but the 70's were nice and easy. Having the intervals made the time go by so much more quickly. I actually enjoyed it.

I seem to be off to a good start and I'm enjoying having solid goals. Little by little I'm gaining back my motivation.

Distance - 4.01 miles
Time - 32:39

Biking (trainer)
Distance - 12.33 miles
Time - 1:00:00

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