March 3, 2009

Double Duty

5:45 a.m and the alarm already. Didn't I just go to sleep? These early mornings are going to take massive adjustment. I took a look outside and it was ugly. Snow and ice packed on the streets due to a steep drop in temperature and the "feels like" according to was -3. I had a moment to decide - get up, walk to the gym (12 minutes) and do the speed workout I had planned and freeze to death in the process, or sleep another hour and do the speed workout after work and before my bike workout. Easy decision.

The extra hour of sleep was bliss and when I made the frigid walk to the train I knew it had been the right choice. But as the end of the workday neared I became tired and unmotivated. Typical. This is why I'm suffering through the early morning workouts. It's the only way to guarantee I'll get it done. But tonight I rallied and was at the gym by 7:15, done with my speed work by 7:45, home by 8:30 and off the trainer by 9:20. Thank god for leftovers. I was ravenous by that point.

I'm really enjoying the speed and interval training. The workouts are short, but intense, and feel so much more valuable than my former "do it for the sake of doing it" workouts. The run consisted of two 10-minute anaerobic intervals with an easy rest interval. I ambitiously started at a 7:30 pace, but ended up bouncing between 7:45-7:52 for most of it. That's still pretty fast for me. The bike was also a series of drills and intervals so the time flew by.

While it's not impossible to do a double workout on a weeknight I know the reality of my life and schedule. So many things could have happened to prevent me from getting this done. I was lucky today, but tomorrow I'm back to 5 a.m.

Distance - 3.3 miles
Time - 30:00

Distance - 8.54 miles
Time - 40:00

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