March 5, 2009

Good Intentions

Before starting this new job, I vowed I would do the majority of my training in the morning to avoid missing it due to long days. But my hours up until today had been manageable so I decided to do my swim after work. I did the math and it was going to be virtually impossible to get the full workout in and still be in the office by 9. So I got some extra sleep and packed up my gear with the best of intentions.

But as luck would have it, today ended up being the long one and I didn't leave the office until 8:15. After an 11+ hour day I just couldn't do the swim. It would have meant starting around 9pm and getting home around 11. At some point I have to draw the line and do what feels right for me in my life overall.

I know these days will happen, it's inevitable. All I can do is try my best to minimize it and find a way to keep the training from taking over my life and my life from preventing the training. A lot of people say the hardest part of an Ironman is the training. Even in these early stages I know exactly what they mean.

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