March 26, 2009

I Want

Since writing about my taper training is just as boring as doing my taper training, I decided to skip the details about yesterday's 40 minute run and today's hour on the trainer and instead talk about some of the goodies I wish I could treat myself to.

First up, a single speed. I want to be able to ride around Brooklyn and have a bike that is truly just for fun. I've wanted one for awhile, but now I really want one after seeing this.

Next, and this is where I really enter fantasy land, I realized I want a road bike. I absolutely love my tri bike, but think I'll want a road bike for after my Ironman training. This one would suit me just fine.

Or maybe this.

Unfortunately I can't afford either of them right now so I'll just have to keep dreaming. But one purchase definitely in my future is the race wheels I picked out months ago and never actually bought. I wanted them for next week's half Ironman but will have to do without. I'd like to get them soon so I can do a couple races on them before the Ironman.

This taper needs to hurry up and finish so I can get back to training and quit plotting my path to the poor house.

Running (Wednesday)
Distance - 4.53 miles
Time - 40:00

Biking (Thursday)
Time - 1:00:00


  1. I've wanted a nice mountain bike for a while now. I've got a 1978 roadie commuter right now but having a mt bike would give me much more flexibility, plus I could do some off road riding!

  2. You absolutely MUST get yourself a new road bike, Kristin, perhaps as a reward later this year for all the IM training? I'm lucky enough to have relatively nice tri and road bikes, and it's such a treat to take the road bike out - it feels less like training, and more like having fun. You deserve it.



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