March 12, 2009

No Sweat

After being bombarded with tales of people getting pneumonia, dying after seemingly harmless illnesses or ending up in the hospital, I finally decided to see the doctor. I normally wouldn't go to the doctor for something like this because I was sure it was viral and there's nothing a doctor can do for that.

They say you know your body better than anyone else and sure enough, I was right. The doctor confirmed I have a virus with no signs of infection. He recommended I continue to rest, have some chicken soup and lots of fluids. The fever, which lingered throughout the day, is just a sign my body is fighting back. It's about time.

I did a sweat rate test tonight so my coach can develop my nutrition plan for the half Ironman. This was supposed to be a one-hour run, but given my sickness, he spared me and shortened it to 30 minutes. I had to weigh myself naked before the run and then again after to see how much weight I'd lost. It was chilly and windy outside, plus I was running way slower than normal so I wasn't sure I even sweated, but sure enough, I was down .8 pounds. I'll share this number with my coach and see what he comes back with.

It was nice to run even though my energy levels are pretty much rock bottom. Nevertheless, it's a good sign I was even able to do it.

Distance - 3.27 miles
Time - 30:00

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