March 24, 2009

Rethinking This Taper Thing

My excitement over taper was short lived. I didn't even attempt to get up early to do my bike workout even though I was fairly certain doing it after work would be a challenge. Sure enough I ended up working late and got home even later, but somehow managed to get it done even though the idea was about as exciting as a root canal.

This is where the taper boredom began.
  1. It was late. I didn't even start the ride until 8:30. Not ideal.
  2. My tri bike is on a UPS truck somewhere between NYC and New Orleans so I had to dust off my piece of junk old road bike that has a new life as a commuter bike. Also not ideal.
  3. The effort level of this ride was so minimal I nearly fell asleep.
I know there is a method to this madness and I'll be in a much stronger place as a result, I just need to adjust my expectations to better deal with it. I'm also going to need to adjust my diet so I don't pack on taper pounds on top of the Christmas pounds I'm already lugging around (still).

On the brighter side I get to run tomorrow, albeit at a slow pace but at least I might break a sweat and that would be a notch up from today.

Biking (trainer)
Time - 1:00:00 easy

1 comment:

  1. This taper thing is hard - i'm stir crazy and its making me tired.



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