March 4, 2009

Running in Place

When you think about it, the treadmill is a nifty invention. You can avoid inclement weather and other hassles, plus you can watch TV while logging your miles. This can be a good thing unless you were me this morning running 10 miles on a treadmill in front of the TV showing the seemingly endless Core Rhythms infomercial. After about 45 minutes of hip swiveling and testimonials, inclement weather was sounding pretty good.

I actually detest the treadmill and normally wouldn't run so far on it, but my new job and schedule left me with no other choice. My plan for the month was based on my previously flexible schedule and included a long run each Wednesday. Sure, I could have moved it to the weekend, but since it was 10 miles I figured it was manageable before work. The treadmill was the method of choice because of early morning darkness and temperatures around 20 degrees or less. This was my second treadmill 10 miler this winter so I knew how to prepare. I was the only runner with a gel, a stick of Body Glide, 2 towels, an iPod and a BlackBerry, but it all made the experience more tolerable.

After the first 5 miles I took a quick bathroom/water fill-up/Body Glide break before tackling the second 5. I have to say, it wasn't that bad. I don't know if I'm just getting used to indoor training or if I'm getting mentally tougher, but I was pretty proud of myself for sticking to the plan and doing it. It felt great to have covered 10 miles before most people had finished their first cup of coffee for the day.

Distance - 10 miles
Time - 1:29:17


  1. Wow, an hour and a half on the dreadmill - that's impressive, Kristin. I can do up to an hour on that monster, but that's about it, even with tv, ipod, etc. Good luck with the training and new gig!

  2. The treadmills at our gym stop after 60 minutes. I just don't think I could start then dang thing back up again.

    An hour and a half is impressive.



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