March 1, 2009

Week of 2/23 - Cliff Notes

There are a couple reasons I haven't posted for awhile. First, I was way busier than expected trying to wrap up personal things before starting a new job on March 2. But most importantly, I was on a "rest week." I have one of these every 3 weeks or so on my schedule. It sounds nice in theory, but it was rather dull and uninspiring and while the rest did feel good, my motivation sank to a new low as a result of the reduced activity.

The week began with a rest day on Monday, which was actually perfect since it was the day after my race and a long day of driving back from Provincetown.

involved an easy 45 minute ride on the trainer and a quick 2 mile run. A nice workout but not a difficult effort.

I was in the pool Wednesday for my only swim of the week, 1,400 yards done in 4 sets of 300s with a 200 warm up. This was actually rather nice since I'm not a huge fan of being in the pool for an hour or more.

But Thursday is where things began to slide. My schedule called for strength training. Just strength training. It seemed easy enough, it would take an hour or less of my day and should have been a nice break. But as the day wore on I just couldn't bring myself to go to the gym. The effort of dressing, carrying gear and getting to the gym didn't seem worth it for this short workout. So I skipped it. I felt guilty but the motivation just wasn't there.

Friday seemed to be looking up. The weather was nice so I decided to take my bike out for the easy one hour ride on my schedule. But by the time I got out the door, the wind had picked up to gusty levels and the sky was dark. Rain was coming. I worried I'd get caught in it so I was nervous to start. Then a series of unfortunate event occurred in the first 10 minutes that forced me to abort the ride. I was really upset. I don't need more setbacks on the bike. I did my 5 mile run instead, which turned out great. I ran on the Brooklyn Bridge and along the waterfront, views I will never get tired of. I intended to finish my ride on the trainer but I had dinner plans with friends and was out of time. Another workout missed.

Saturday and Sunday were rest days. I honored that on Saturday but was feeling rather anxious by Sunday so I hopped on the bike for 45 minutes to redeem one of the week's lost workouts. It was an easy effort and I still felt rested.

I'm sure I'll look back and wish for another easy week like this when I'm immersed in long workouts and even longer work hours next week.

Totals for the Week:

Distance - 1,400 yards
Time - 26:45

Time - 1:40:00

Distance - 7.46 miles
Time - 1:05:28

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