March 2, 2009

Winter Storm Warning

Here we are... my first day at a new job, my first attempt at early morning training and on a Monday no less. The one day of the week where Murphy's law is sure to be in effect. Even though it's the first week of March, New York was slammed with one of our worst snow storms yet.

I woke up at 5 a.m. and was out the door by 5:40 to swim. The snow on my front steps was ankle deep so I had to grab onto the railing and walk down sideways to keep from riding down on my butt. The subway platform was surprisingly crowded for how early it was. Where was everyone going at 6 a.m.? It got even more crowded as we waited 30 minutes - yes, 30 minutes - for a train. The first one that appeared was all iced over and didn't stop. I later learned that the trains were so icy they couldn't open and close the doors properly. Way to be prepared MTA. A train finally came and I arrived at the gym about 30 minutes later than I planned.

It was the least crowded I've ever seen it. Maybe it was the snow or maybe people in the West Village sleep in, either way it was perfect. There was only one person in the pool when I started, only a handful mid-swim and no one but me for a short while. I wish it could always be that way. I was swimming quite well despite the fact that I hate mornings. But the delayed start forced me to end early and cut my swim short. It was the only way I could make it to work on time and it was my first day after all.

This was another speed workout and I once again found it hard to hit the anaerobic goal pace established by my test. I did it for the first few sets and kept it up on and off for more than half, but was off by 2-3 seconds per 100 by the end. It's a huge challenge for me to push myself in the water and I've definitely improved, but I'm anxious to prove that my test wasn't a one-time occurance I'll never be able to repeat. There's always next time.

Distance - 2,050 yards
Time - 37:23

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