April 10, 2009

Another Half

Immediately after New Orleans, I knew I wanted to do another half Ironman this year. I can't do any triathlons after Ironman Wisconsin due to the recovery period and fall marathon season so it would have to be this summer. The likely target was Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 in Providence since I can drive to it. But this race is on July 12 and I have an olympic on July 26. Plus this is a critical build phase in my IMWI training. My coach's immediate reaction was to skip it. A half doesn't necessarily help you prepare for an Ironman and he felt I'd be better off using the time for a long brick. But long bricks are no fun so after some back and forth we found a way to make it work.

I am really excited. July will be a solid race month for me and a good test of what I'm capable of from a mental standpoint. New Orleans was such a great experience so I'm hoping to replicate it and perhaps even step up my performance a little. I have a lot to look forward to.

Today was another light recovery day and I actually don't mind. I woke up feeling sick, I think my allergies kicked in overnight. I've had a sluggish, feverish feeling all day I can't seem to shake. I'm planning to call it a night early so I can finally sleep. I've been operating on fumes this week and it's taking a toll. In order to sustain the level of training I'll be doing this summer I have to figure out how to get more sleep.

I should have a New Orleans slideshow up by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, here's another new photo taken after the race at a bar on Bourbon Street with some new friends I met the day before the race. They befriended me at a restaurant at lunch, invited me to join them, took me to bike drop and for a test ride, drove me back and invited me to dinner. They made my race experience even better. I always say the people in this sport are hands down the coolest people you'll ever meet. This is a great example.

Time - 50:00

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