April 17, 2009

At Long Last

After two weeks of frustration and worry, I finally got to hear the four words I've been dying to hear: "We have your bike."

I literally screamed I was so happy. My bike shop looked it over and everything seems to be fine. I begged a little and turned on the charm to convince them to let me pick it up today. The mechanic is putting it back together and I can get it after 5:30. I cannot wait. It ruins any hopes for Friday night plans but I don't care. Assuming all goes well I can do my brick outside tomorrow and enjoy this burst of beautiful weather we're having.

My motivation has suddenly returned.


  1. The BT widget thingy -


    Put your user info in, click add to webpage and copy the code to a blogger widget (the Configure HTML/JavaScript gadget) - I had to ask someone also!

  2. WOOHOO!! Yay for your bike back!!



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