April 16, 2009

Desperately Seeking Motivation

Even though this week technically isn't a rest or recovery week, it still feels like it. My workouts are easy and the volume generally low. While it's been rather nice physically, it's been fairly draining mentally since my motivation levels are directly related to my training. Even though I have a huge summer of racing ahead, it's too far down the road to serve as the inspiration I need today to do another low intensity workout. So instead I've had to find new, shorter term motivation to get me through the month.

After a late night last night I decided to sleep a little later this morning and do my bike workout tonight. I hadn't looked at my schedule so I was thinking it would be something fun with intervals that would make the time go by. But I was horribly disappointed to see it was a steady, slow ride and over an hour in total. Fun. I think what's worse is that I have to do the exact same workout again next week.

My New Orleans bike drama continues. I called the shop for a tracking number and the guy swore my bike had not yet been shipped. I was fuming. I was told on Monday it would go out right away, yet they had no record of it. It will be four weeks this Sunday since I dropped my bike off for shipping. That is beyond ridiculous. The guy's excuse was that they had hundreds of bikes to deal with. Were they surprised by this? Did they not realize they had signed on to be the official bike shop of a race with 3,000 participants? After much back and forth they realized one of the mechanics had taken my bike to the UPS Store on Monday after speaking with me so it should allegedly arrive tomorrow. I'm not going to hold my breath.

I got a lot of recommendations the other day for TriBike Transport. TriBike chose not to do New Orleans because it was an inaugural race. I even called closer to the race to see if they had changed their minds but no luck. I'll use TriBike for IMWI and I think I'll take my bike on the plane for Horribly Hilly Hundreds. It will be hard for me to manage it in transit, but I think I can do it. Anything to avoid another disaster like this is worth it to me.

Time - 1:10:00


  1. Motivation is tough to keep after peaking for a race - but you will get your mojo back soon.

    I just need to kick this cold.

  2. You might also want to look into good ol' FedEx for the HHH - with airlines charging so much more for extra bags/large parcels, it might be a viable option, and, I would think, a bit safer. Sorry you've had to endure all that hassle.



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