April 15, 2009

Less Than Ideal

I'm past the wishful thinking that my life will somehow magically allow me time to do my job, sleep enough, eat properly, have a shred of a social life and train for an Ironman. Because if I can barely make my short training weeks work, what's going to happen when I'm training 14+ hours? Something has to give and I'm guessing it will start with:
  1. The shred of social life I'm desperately trying to keep.
  2. Sleep. There just aren't enough hours in the day.
  3. Nutrition. On more than one occasion this month I either had cereal for dinner because I got home so late or just skipped a meal altogether. And before everyone lectures me, I'm well aware of how critical nutrition is in IM training. I carry around all sorts of assorted healthy things and try very hard, but when you're away from home 15 hours a day it can be difficult, especially with late nights. I'll do my best.

Today was a busy one. I had a lot of meetings and still had to get my tax payment in the mail due to my ridiculous procrastination. One of my meetings was after work over drinks so my training had to wait. I paced myself and hydrated, but was feeling pretty sleepy when I finally wrapped it up and headed to the gym. I was on a treadmill by 8:30 p.m. and found myself wondering what I was doing there.

I had a new run workout that consisted of two anaerobic intervals (7:14-8:00 pace) surrounded by roughly 30 minutes aerobic (8:56-10:08 pace). After a slowish five-minute warm-up, I did 14 minutes aerobic before jumping into the intervals. The first went ok and I was able to stay between 7:22-7:35, but was never happier to have a rest interval arrive. I was hungry, dehydrated and severely regretting the Pinot Noir. The next interval was slower at a 7:45 pace, I just couldn't push any harder tonight. I wrapped it up with another 17 minutes aerobic. I was thrilled to be done.

By the time I got home it was 10:15 p.m. and I was exhausted. These weren't the most ideal training circumstances, but they could be worse so I'm just thankful I got it done. I really need to re-think my schedule before my next big build phase or I'm going to be a very tired girl.


Time - 50:00


  1. Abandon any hopes of keeping a social life. I'm being serious. Make friends with some people that you can train with.

    Let your non triathlon friends know what the deal is, and they won't be too ticked off by it... I've let mine know already. :)

    Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Don't skimp on sleep or recovery. Or nutrition... but you know that.

    :) See you @ HHH!


  2. I know what you mean - I'm still at work right now.



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