April 17, 2009

Murky Water

Because my bike was still MIA, I had to adjust my schedule and do my swim and strength training today. The downside of this was the beautiful weather I was missing while being stuck inside, but the upside was how empty the pool was in the middle of the afternoon. I was on cloud nine since they had located my bike and was really looking forward to my swim. I picked a lane, hopped in and started.

Every so often, the pool is rather cloudy. I'm slightly disturbed by this because I know there is a decent amount of water intake happening when I swim. After several minutes I also noticed a flowery taste in the water that eventually made my throat burn. WTF??? I can only hope it was some sort of super chlorine treatment. Otherwise, it's just nasty.

The swim was easy, 300 yards x 5 in my aerobic range with 15-30 second rest intervals. I did an extra 500 for warm up and drills since I'm still trying to master the right side breathing thing. It's not going well. I must look like I'm having a seizure or on the verge of drowning. I did some single-arm body roll drills and even that was awful. I ended up inhaling water and feeling like I was a few inches below the surface at all times. Thank god the pool was empty.

After the swim I picked up my bike and have never been happier to see an inanimate object in my life. I cannot wait for tomorrow's ride. I'm finally looking forward to biking again.

In closing, here is a photo of my friend Beth and I from Tuesday night. Beth and I met through Beginner Triathlete and she lives near Philly. I paced her for her first half marathon back in January and she was in town on business this week. We'll be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon together in May as well. Something to look forward to!

Distance - 2,000 yards
Time - 38:29

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