April 28, 2009

Nice and Easy

I could get used to these rest weeks. I still get to do some sort of training daily but the workouts are shorter in length and lighter in intensity, borderline relaxing.

I was up early this morning for a pre-work Central Park run. The plan called for 45 minutes at aerobic pace, which combined with the perfect weather, made this one of the nicest runs I've had in a long time. Being in the park on a weekday morning before starting work also made me feel like I was taking back time for myself. As much as I love and miss sleeping in, I love having three or more hours of "me" time before an inevitably long work day.

Speaking of long days, I'm still struggling with the balance and control aspects and imagine I will right up to race day. My entire schedule got turned upside down today and I will have to be creative to make everything fit. It will be difficult, but I'll get it done and hopefully continue to enjoy it in the process.

Distance - 5.04 miles
Time - 45:00

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