April 24, 2009

Pool Rage

There wasn't much to write about yesterday. I had an easy hour on the bike, one of the most boring workouts I've ever done and it was the second time this month. I have another similar session next week during my rest week so I'm hoping it will be nice enough to at least do it outside. It's just light enough at 6 a.m. now to make short pre-work rides possible.

Today I was back in the pool only this was an easy aerobic swim. It should have been quick and relatively relaxing and it was at first for the most part. It wasn't crowded but we all had to share a lane. I joined the only one with a single swimmer, a swimmer I could tell had limited ability to keep herself on one side of the lane. But what can you do? I knew I'd have to keep an eye on her.

Every pass was a close call. I practically had to swim under the divider to avoid contact. Then as I approached the wall, I turned to my left to breathe and when I turned back I was nailed in the head by her foot as she did the sloppiest breastroke I've ever seen, literally kicking across the entire lane. And it wasn't just her foot. She was wearing fins so it was a huge piece of plastic. I finally stopped and said something, which wasn't received well. I was near the end of a set and just skipped the rest interval so I wouldn't have to stop at the wall with her. I got out of the lane as soon as possible.

The swim itself was fine, albeit slower than I was aiming for due to all he hassle. I felt a little off balance at times, but overall pretty good. It's almost as though every other swim goes really well for me. That means Monday should be a great day.

Distance - 2,000 yards
Time - 39:01


  1. Sounds like good race swimming practice - full contact!

  2. "an easy aneorobic swim" I read that about 3 times. That's an oxymoron right up there with Military Intelligence.

    Swimmers like your lane buddy make me very nervous. My inner shark wants to bite the limbs that are offered up. I'm glad you said something, probably about sharing nice. Being a bigger guy, and a strong swimmer (fast only in comparison to the others in the community pool), I usually tend to defend my space pretty aggressively. I consider it practice for the mass start.



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