April 6, 2009

Recovery New Orleans Style

Today was the perfect recovery day in New Orleans. I slept like a rock and woke up early so I headed out for a stroll around the French Quarter while the area was still largely asleep. It was peaceful and beautiful, unlike during the day and night when it's mobbed by idiots frequenting places like this:

(Ok, I'll admit I was tempted to buy a Huge Ass Beer after the race...)

I went to Cafe du Monde and waited in the 15-minute line for cafe au lait and beignets, their specialty since 1862. I stood in line with a fellow IMNO racer so we shared race stories while waiting. I enjoyed my New Orleans treats in Jackson Square just steps from where I finished the race less than 24 hours ago. It's amazing how different it all looks just one day later.

I spent an hour just walking around the Quarter to keep my legs loose and fight off stiffness and pain since I woke up feeling surprisingly good. It was a chilly day, about 50 this morning with a high of 60 in the afternoon and windy. I think I prefer yesterday's weather for a race.

I rewarded my efforts with a shrimp po boy and fries at lunch, followed by a second round of cafe au lait and beignets. I'm making up for all the pasta I had to eat in lieu of good cajun food over the past few days. I'll likely follow that up with a hurricane or two and more cajun food tonight to round out my New Orleans recovery.


  1. New Orleans is a different city in the early morning. I'll take the coffee and the calm.

  2. I love that medal! I'm really looking forward to getting my belt buckle at my 100 mile race if I finish. As long as no major injuries occur, finishing should not be too big of a problem. Cool cool, show it off with pride :)

  3. Congrats, Kristin! I knew you'd have a fantastic race. Good on you for not letting the stress get the better of you. Have an extra beignet for me.



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