April 30, 2009

Watch What You Eat

I had a great chat with my coach today about the upcoming two weeks of training. I've complained to him a bit in the past about my weight loss struggles and I mentioned it again today. I'm not necessarily overweight, but I'm up about 7 pounds from where I was when I was at my peak fitness last year and just can't seem to lose it. It's like the Christmas weight that refuses to go away. So my coach asked me to keep a detailed food log starting today, documenting everything I eat until Sunday. He encouraged me to eat as I normally would so we can have a real look at patterns in my diet. Regardless, I was immediately regretful of the two mini croissants I ate during a client meeting this morning. This should be an interesting task for sure.

I had another 7 a.m. start at work today so my training had to be at night. Luckily this is a rest week so it's all fairly light and easy. I was totally drained but forced myself to get to the pool and do my last swim of the month, an easy aerobic effort. The pool was freezing cold again but blissfully empty. This just wasn't a great swim for me. I felt really sloppy and slow and generally off balance. This happens from time to time so it wasn't a huge surprise, especially given how I feel.

I have to work tomorrow so my schedule is tight. I'll be up super early for my short brick and will most certainly miss sleeping in. I guess that will have to wait until Saturday.

Distance - 1,700 yards
Time - 34:18

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