May 14, 2009

Busy But Good

I've been one day behind on my blog all week and decided to stop worrying about catching up. I've had an incredibly busy week but it's also been really good. It hasn't been stressful so it isn't taking as much of a toll.

Yesterday was my first double day on a weekday in quite some time. I got up early for a swim speed workout. I always sort of dread these sessions since they totally wipe me out. Swimming fast (well, fast for me) is really hard and exhausting. I did a slightly longer warm up to help ease into the faster stuff and for the first time in a long time, this swim actually went fairly well. Not surprisingly I had my fastest interval first then progressively slowed down, managed to speed up a bit, then slowed at the end. But I was happy to feel comfortable in the water again.

After work I went to a local bike shop to get the Xlab Sonic Wing for my bike. I got two carbon cages and a nice little seat bag that fits perfectly under it. I did some saddle browsing while there as well. They recommended the Adamo, which a majority of people recommend, but I'm not sure it's for me. I am going to take my bike in tomorrow and will buy one of three they recommended and beg the guy to put it on for me. He offered to put on the Adamo since it can screw up your fit so I'm hoping the generous offer will extend to any saddle I buy. This will be the third one I've had on this bike and I have a feeling not the last. It has been really difficult to find the right one.

I got home a little late after my shopping excursion and was starving so I quickly ate dinner. Normally this would derail my evening training plans but I somehow found the motivation and managed to get in a one-hour trainer ride. It was an optional workout so it was an easier one, but it felt nice to have a double day.

Today's training was bike intervals and I saved it for after work. I had an early meeting and really wanted the extra sleep. It felt so good to get in 7.5 hours. The intervals were really hard, six at five minutes each. By the end it was hard to get my heart rate into anaerobic because I was so beat. I rode easy for a bit after to loosen my legs a bit.

I'm contemplating a training weekend in Lake Placid right before Horribly Hilly. I wish it were a week earlier and realize my coach may advise against it due to timing. But if it works out, I am going to have a pretty unbelievable two months of training in June and July.

Swimming (Wednesday)
Distance - 2,000 yards
Time - 39:03

Biking (Wednesday)
Distance - 16.07
Time - 1:00:00

Biking (Thursday)
Distance - 14.77 miles
Time - 55:00

1 comment:

  1. You will have to review the sonic wing - I am looking for a behind the seat solution - right now I am using a camera bag for co2, tubes, etc.



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