May 9, 2009

Lost Count

Having just a swim scheduled on a Saturday almost feels like rest. Almost. That is until I get in the pool and am swiftly reminded what a bad swimmer I am. I slept a bit late and spent the morning cleaning so I didn't get in the pool until the afternoon. I had a longer swim on the schedule, 6x400, but the pace was aerobic so it should have been nice and easy.

It started off ok, I was actually feeling pretty strong and my warm up was quick. But the more I swam, the slower and sloppier I felt. Once again I felt inches below the water and no matter how much I tried to focus on my form, it just didn't feel right. And to add insult to injury, I got progressively slower on each set, wrapping it up with the slowest pace I've done this year. I did a short cool down and called it a day. While logging this workout later in the day I got another disappointment. I had lost count of the sets and stopped at 5 instead of 6. So instead of swimming the 2700 yards I thought I had, I swam 2300. Not the end of the world, but on a day where I was barely active, I would have liked to have at least done the full workout.

I stopped at Cadence to pick up my bike and not only was it not done, it hadn't been started. The mechanic was super busy and apparently had overpromised the pick up time. I was either going to have to wait a long time, come back later or drop it off tomorrow and then try to figure out when I could pick it up again. Then upon realizing I lived in Brooklyn, the guy who works there offered to drop it off at my apartment after they closed. They also didn't charge me for anything. So in my final visit to the store, I ended up getting the best service yet. It was just another reminder of how much I was going to miss that place.

Distance - 2,300 yards
Time - 46:11

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