May 11, 2009

Windy City

Yesterday morning I woke up a little after 6, had breakfast, got my bike ready and was out the door a bit before 7:30. I was planning a 50 mile ride followed by a 5 mile run. I was surprised by the chill in the air and was glad I'd worn my arm warmers. The news said it was relatively nice outside but warned of the strong wind gusts, up to 30 miles per hour. I figured gusts meant they might be infrequent and hoped for the best. Within one block, I knew I had figured wrong. I managed to stay upright on the Manhattan Bridge and fought my way across lower Manhattan, but after nearly being blown off my bike on the West Side Highway I stopped and began to rethink my plan. I remembered reading about how Kona was so windy one year that Sister Madonna Buder was actually blown off her bike. For the thrill and accomplishment of finishing Kona I can see it being worthwhile, but somehow the thrill of another low quality NYC ride didn't measure up. I decided to ride back to Brooklyn and finish on the wind-free trainer.

To kill the monotony of another long trainer ride, I stopped after 25 miles, did the first 3 miles of my run, did the remaining 25 miles on the bike and then the final 2 miles of the run. I watched Spirit of the Marathon during the ride and it made the time go by rather quickly. I wish I didn't have to keep riding indoors, but I didn't feel safe and I still lack the confidence needed to take risks. I'm also terrified of getting injured before Wisconsin. I'm honestly not sure I could deal with that.

Today was a rest day and I'm really starting to love my rest days. I wasn't particularly tired, it was just so nice knowing I didn't need to be up at 5 and it didn't matter what time I got home from work. I spent some time reconsidering the Montauk Century this Sunday thanks to my friend Jonah and some others who encouraged me to do it. I'm only scheduled for a 60-mile ride so I'll likely only do the 65-mile route, but it will be a chance to have some company and support on a long ride. After some of my less-than-great attempts recently, that's incentive enough. I'd love to do the 100-mile route but I'm almost 100% sure my coach will say no. But I had to ask, you never know.

I'm getting really excited about the Ironman. I was watching another Kona replay and they said, "How many of us can truly treasure the experience of a single day, that didn't include a birth or a marriage, for the rest of your life?" I can't wait.

Biking (Sunday)
Distance - 50 miles
Time - 2:55:26

Running (Sunday)
Distance - 5.09 miles
Time - 43:42


  1. I can understand the wind!! It has been nearly NON-STOP here in Texas this year. This last weekend was the first ride I've had in a LONG time where it hasn't beat me relentlessly!!

  2. bike / run / bike / run BRICK - nice!



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