June 28, 2009

Biggest Week Yet

Since today is a rest day and I was flying back from Wisconsin, I had some time to reflect on the events of this past week. My training log tracks Sunday to Saturday and the week I just finished was my biggest training week ever. Here is a look at my totals:

Swim: 11,440.2 yards; 3:43:15
Bike: 221.93 miles; 14:22:48
Run: 30.33 miles; 4:31:02
Total time: 22:37:05

I’m incredibly proud of what I accomplished, but it goes so much beyond just the numbers. I re-discovered the joy of biking and no longer see it as a survival sport. I experimented with race day strategies, nutrition and clothing options and feel I am on track to getting everything just right. I pushed my body hard, endured a lot of pain and exhaustion, trained in some unfavorable conditions and still felt I could do more each morning when I woke up. I got to train with friends also doing IMWI and sharing the same goals as me. And I got to invite my family into my triathlon life for a brief time, letting them see what it is that I do and perhaps making it all a bit clearer to them.

I slept a solid eight hours last night and have been in some form of compression wear since finishing yesterday’s big workout. Aside from a bit of stiffness, my legs feel great and I’m moderately tired, which I think is to be expected. I got to ride my bike 10 minutes today over to the bike shop to have it packed up and even then, for that tiny amount of time, I enjoyed being on it. I rode on the Lake Monona path on a beautiful, perfect morning and felt really at peace with where I am and what I have yet to do before the race.


  1. This is a huge training week, you'll so kick ass at RI :)

  2. Wow - that is going to be tough to top - I would be proud also!

  3. Hope you have/had a safe trip back. When you return in September leave the crappy weather back in New York. High of 73 today with no humidity, it's beautiful.

  4. WOW! Some awesome numbers there!!

    I've found that training is filled with peaks (like this) and valleys (perhaps this week...in terms of time). Take it easy this week and let those legs recover and get stronger.

    That's a great accomplishment.

  5. looks like your training is coming along great, like the pics your posting keep it up!

  6. You are so going to kick ass at IM WI! Great job.

  7. A friend forwarded this site to me, and I have to tell you, I really enjoy reading it. You've totally inspired me. I'm a casual runner, one half marathon under my belt, and I want to do more now! Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying new things. Good luck at IMW!



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