June 19, 2009

Dairyland Training Adventure

I finally made it to Wisconsin today after a few setbacks and detours. I flew to Milwaukee via Cincinnati and arrived at 9:30 a.m. My dad picked me up at the airport and we drove straight to Cronometro, the bike shop in Madison that was going to put my bike back together, fix a few things and do my new saddle fitting. I cannot recommend this place enough. I was scheduled for a one-hour fit and was there for well over two hours.

The fitting was interesting. It was a lower body only session, however, he gave his opinion on the rest of the fit, which thankfully was that it was good. However, we ended up raising my saddle quite a bit and I was amazed by how much better I felt on the bike. I was a little nervous to make a change before a big event, but the only real big event I have this year is the Ironman and I need to get as comfortable as possible before then so I took a chance.

I did a quick test ride and the new saddle felt great. It's the Koobi PRS Tri T1 and I really hope it's the last this year.

I was running on fumes after 3.75 hours of sleep, a day of travel and bike fittings and a short ride, but I rallied and went to dinner with my family. I don't get to see them often so it's a treat to be here and be able to enjoy training and enjoy some time with them.

I registered for Horribly Hilly Hundreds six months ago and have been both looking forward to it and dreading it simultaneously. It marks the beginning of my really big training that won't lighten up until taper. Hopefully it will be a good kick-off to a very busy summer.

Time - 50:00

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