June 9, 2009

Lake Placid Schedule

After a short rest block this week, I'll be heading into the most challenging stretch of training I've done yet. Yesterday was rest as usual and the so I took the opportunity to go out for drinks forget about the Ironman for another few moments. The next couple days have an easy hour on the bike, a 30 minute run and a 1,000 yard continuous swim. There is a chance I'll miss one of the workouts due to my work schedule, but in general, I like the sound of the low volume, especially when I look at my schedule Thursday through Sunday in Lake Placid:
  • Thursday - Bike 1.5 hours, swim one course loop (1.2 miles). Not bad.
  • Friday - Swim two course loops or 1:15:00 (I'll likely only make it to 1:15:00), run four miles. Getting a little harder.
  • Saturday - Bike two loops (full 112 mile course), run five miles. Ouch.
  • Sunday - Swim one loop, bike one loop, run one loop - 70.3 miles, the half Ironman distance. Yikes.
Since Saturday is so bike focused, the plan for Sunday is to do the swim, start the ride and see how I feel. If my legs are toast, I need to shorten the bike so I can get the run in. The challenge will be knowing and accepting that my legs are toast because I hate to quit anything. But I have Horribly Hilly just six days later so I need to be cautious.

My birthday is Friday and I've certainly picked a unique way to celebrate it. At least it will be memorable.


  1. Yikes-70.3 for a training weekend of fun! Hope you have a great time.

  2. Holy smokes...that's a big weekend!!!!! I'm heading up the following weekend and thought my schedule was tough. It is, but not like that.

  3. That sounds like a hell of a week end ...

    Happy Birthday a couples of days too early ;)

  4. Awesome long weekend. Each day looks challenging but Sunday will be the hardest just because of all the prior work. How much recovery next week?

  5. Is this training weekend an organized event or just something you put together with friends? Regardless, it sounds like fun (painful, but fun).



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