July 12, 2009

Beyond Expectations

I raced Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island today and could not have asked for a more perfect experience and outcome. Everything I wanted to accomplish happened and I felt strong and confident from beginning to end. I wasn't aiming for a time goal as noted in my earlier post this week, but I ended up setting a massive PR of 26 minutes with a 5:50:17 finish.

I was up at 2:25 a.m., on a bus at 4, in transition at 4:30 and started racing around 6:45 due to a weather delay (more on that in tomorrow's report). After finishing I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid '10, retrieved my gear and got on the road around 3:30 and arrived home 6 hours later. I'm beyond beat and will share more about the race tomorrow. I should sleep like a baby tonight!

Distance - 1.2 miles
Time - 38:55

T1 - 3:33

Distance - 56 miles
Time - 3:08:17

T2 - 4:21

Distance - 13.1 miles
Time - 1:55:11


  1. Yea! It's so great when those unexpected wonderful things happen! Cheers! You worked hard for it!

  2. Nice work, look forward to reading the report.

  3. Well done - sub-6 is outstanding! In your race report make sure you compare it to NOLA.

  4. Yay! Can't wait to read the blow-by-blow. Congrats!

  5. AWESOME JOB! That's a SUPER PR! I know you weren't "feeling" this race heading into it, but I hope it gave you a MONSTER confidence boost for IMMoo!! Well done!

  6. congrats on an absolutely fantastic race! ... I'm sorry we couldn't meet up !



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