July 15, 2009

Fast is Relative

Ok, I'm still not ready to post the full Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 report and it was partially postponed by getting a look at my race photos today. They aren't great, and nowhere near the volume of IMNO 70.3, but my finisher photo might be the best I've ever had so I'd like to include it. I'll have to wait for the full resolution shot to know for sure.

So in the meantime, I had an incredible session in the pool this morning considering how beat I am. I hit snooze three times, which normally would mean it's too late to get my workout in. But I dragged myself out of bed and out the door fast enough to get it done and I'm so glad I did.

Today's workout was all about speed, something I rarely experience in the water. I started with 25 x 8 sprint, literally going all out as fast as I could. I was so proud of my 23-second splits and realized my sprint is someone else's easy swim. How do they do that?

Next I did 300 x 5 anaerobic aiming for 5:12-5:45 per interval. I did the first two around 5:05 and could barely breathe, but was so proud. I slowed for the third and kept it steady for the fourth and fifth. I wrapped it up with 200 x 2 anaerobic.

For all the times I felt swimming wasn't a real workout, this made up for it. It was hard. I was sweating. I was red. I was breathless. And I realize it may have been easy for someone else, but for me, coming from where I've come from, it was pretty amazing.

I had a friend over for dinner and actually cooked, I felt sort of human for a moment. I might start to like these rest periods.

Distance - 2,200 yards
Time - 37:55

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