July 11, 2009


Today was busy, as most pre-race days are. I got about seven hours of sleep and got to the expo right when it was scheduled to open so I could buy some tubes and odds and ends. Of course it didn't open on time so I stood around drinking coffee and chatting with other athletes. I took my bike out for a quick spin to be sure everything was put back together properly, then met up with a new friend who is also doing Ironman Wisconsin. We went to T2 bag drop and then had a huge lunch. I had to laugh over our attire - I was in a tri top, running shorts, compression sleeves and sandals and he was wearing a regular shirt and shorts, but also compression sleeves. Luckily we weren't the only ones, that's the beauty of race weekend.

The drive out to bike drop took forever with the beach traffic. I racked my bike, scouted the run from the swim exit and located some friends' bikes. I walked down to the water to have a look. It was pretty windy and the water was rough. The buoy line was out and there were a handful of swimmers out for a practice swim. I brought my suit just in case I was inspired, but it was late and I didn't feel nervous about the water so I decided to get back on the road to Providence.

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow and have absolutely no idea what the day will bring. On one hand I'm way more trained and prepared than I was for New Orleans, but on the other hand I'm way more beat up so it all depends on how my body decides to feel tomorrow. All I know for sure is I'm happy to be here, happy to feel the race energy and I'll most definitely walk away better prepared for the big day.

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