August 31, 2009

August - All About the Bike

If focusing on your limiter is the way to go, then August should be considered a big success for me. I logged my biggest month ever on the bike, wrapping up with 824.76 miles over 54:37:28. I only logged 845.96 miles in all of 2008. Things have definitely changed.

I had a moment yesterday on my final ride where I realized my preference may be shifting from running to biking. Some of this may be influenced by my injury and the fact that running caused it, but some is from having had the chance to get over my crash, stretch beyond my comfort zone and rediscover why I ever started biking in the first place. We did yesterday's ride late in the day and everything was different. The light was especially striking and I can't remember a time I've felt more at peace. I have a healthy fear of crashing and respect that biking can be a dangerous sport, but I'm no longer afraid.

I'm thinking of dropping out of my fall marathon just days after I signed up for it so I can focus on recovery and get back on my bike and work to improve before next season. It's taken me more than six years to get here, but I finally feel ready to try.

My foot was feeling about 90% this morning and I'm much more optimistic for the race. I started taper today with rest and another ART session which has already helped even more. I'm hoping I'll be able to test the foot with a jog by mid-week, but am more than happy to reserve any real running for race day. I'll have 26.2 miles to figure it all out.


  1. I have enjoyed the bike a lot this year also.

    This will be an exciting month!

  2. nice job on the bike last month!

  3. Seriously impressive bike numbers! I was thrilled to read that your foot is feeling 90% better!



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