August 17, 2009

Compression Obsession

I realized I've been in some form of compression gear just about daily for the past month or so. My compression obsession started with tights worn the night before a big activity and then for a night or two after to help with recovery. Then I eased into occasionally hiding some form of compression under my clothes at work, usually calf sleeves but I've managed full tights a couple times. Eventually tights became my nightly attire and I can't think of a day recently when I wasn't in them. I even walk around in public in the calf sleeves during a big race weekend. I have different kinds with varying amounts of pressure ranging from mild to medical grade. While I've definitely suffered the inflammation effects of training, I have to wonder - is my compression obsession slightly over the top?

Let's take today as an example. I felt relatively normal this morning after sleeping in my light compression tights. My legs didn't reflect the beating they took yesterday at all. But after a day of heat, humidity, walking around the city and sitting at a desk, my ankles had diminished a bit and my feet felt like sausages. I weighed myself when I got home and sure enough, I was up more than two pounds since this morning and my fluid percent was through the roof. So I pulled out the big guns and shimmied into the medical grade tights, hoping I'll have rediscovered my ankles by morning.

If swelling is the only lingering side effect from huge training sessions, I'll take it. I've been mostly pain free and I feel pretty good overall. I just wonder if I'll have a hard time weaning myself off the compression when the race is over. I'll need to rediscover loose-fitting clothing and PJ pants until I'm reunited with compression in the start of my next season after the New Year.


  1. Now that I think of it, I wear some form of tight fitting polyester/spandex/synthetic up to 10X/week. Its become second nature!

  2. I have yet to discover the compression gear - do you really think it helps?

    Just for recovery or during hard efforts?

  3. What kind do you wear ? The fancy tri kind or the drugstore kind?



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